6 Hidden Costs of Custom Software Development — How To Avoid Budget Creep

  1. Technical Debt
  • Verify third party code
  • Minimize permissions
  • Test the code at each step
  • Look for opportunities for exploitation
  • Ensure global compliance — i.e., GDPR
  • Bugs
  • Security patches
  • Compatibility issues
  • Updates to enhance functional capacity
  • Ensure that your application works with new browsers
  • Adapting a product to integrate changes in API connectivity with other services
  • Restructuring to increase speed and reduce data costs
  • Streamlining the code to improve readability and simplify future updates
  • Implementing more robust authentication for enhanced security
  • Addressing future core functionality issues — i.e., in Y2K — moving from utilizing two digits to four in advance of the new Millenium

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