Small business loans can accelerate expansion. However, they come with pros and cons. Find out if debt financing is right for your company.

As you get your small business off the ground, you have dozens of decisions to make. One of the most crucial of these decisions surrounds the question of financing. Should you get a loan to jumpstart your business?

It’s more than just a practical question. The decision can open up an existential debate about your new venture.

After all, startups are, in part, about achieving freedom. You want to rid yourself of the stifling attention of a boss. At the same time, you founded your business as a way of tramping your own distinctive path through the professional landscape.


Blockchain represents the future of finance. While this change can be scary, it opens up fresh opportunities for small business owners.

Few business trends have received more attention than blockchain. From Bitcoin’s recent roller coaster to the controversy surrounding Dogecoin, the technology underpinning cryptocurrency has become a constant topic in the financial press. But what does that mean for small business owners?

The ins and outs of blockchain and cryptocurrency might seem far removed from your day-to-day worries as a small business owner. That isn’t necessarily true. These platforms represent the future. As such, you need to understand what they mean for your startup.

But it isn’t just a matter of keeping up with the competition. Don’t think of blockchain as…

Positive cash flow is vital to your startup’s success. The following tips will help you manage your cash and become profitable over time.

Founding a small business requires a sudden crash course in accounting. Cash flow is one of the terms that becomes crucial as you ramp up your new startup. Understanding your business’s cash flow — and knowing how to improve it — quickly becomes instrumental to launching a successful venture.

However, gaining mastery of cash-flow management can present a challenge. Early in your new business, you likely won’t have an accounting department to support you. You might not even have access to a professional accountant. Just you, some accounting software, and an internet full of advice.

Still, an appreciation for the…

From bootstrapping to your family to venture capitalists, know your funding options and pick the right choice for you.

Building a startup is about many things. Market savvy, innovative thinking, confidence, hard work, luck, and a bunch of other factors. Oh, and money. Let’s not forget that. Without funding for your new venture it can be extremely challenging to get your business off the ground.

That last part can be the trickiest. Even with a killer idea and the perfect business plan, you need cash to get started. Gathering financial resources is central to your future success.

Even with a killer idea and the perfect business plan, you need cash to get started. …

Without an accounting background, keeping the books can be a challenge for SMB owners. These tips can help you manage your finances.

When you dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur, you probably didn’t fantasize much about accounting. You had other adventures in mind. But here you are, spreadsheets open, eyes red and bleary, trying to remember the distinction between FIFO and LIFO inventory management.

Well, don’t rush through the process. Accounting might not rank among the most glorious parts of the startup process. But it counts as one of the most crucial.

Engaging outside help or finding a software tool to help you with the accounting process is an option. …

Founding a small business lets you turn your dreams into reality. So, let’s get started! This guide will walk you through the process.

Starting a small business is simple, right? You have a great idea or a special skill you think can earn you cash. Then, you just start making your product or selling your services. What could be easier?

Well, unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work like that. Just because you make the tastiest brownies at the potluck doesn’t mean you’re ready to open an industrial-grade bakery. There are a few steps to consider in between.

But don’t get discouraged. You can still turn your best skill or your favorite hobby into a thriving business. …

Budgeting can help you use resources efficiently and create the conditions necessary for long-term growth. See how.

It’s the first of the month. Do you know where your money is? For many small business owners, the unfortunate answer is “sort of…” That’s the danger of trying to run a growing operation without a proper budget.

Operating a small business already represents a precarious endeavor. According to statistics, about half of all small businesses fail within the first five years. That fact points to a disturbing bottom line: even under the best of conditions, you’re facing a coin-flip with your business.

With such daunting odds, you need every advantage you can get. Creating a budget helps put you…

A business bank account lets you avoid mixing your personal and business finances. You also earn significant benefits for your small business or startup.

The stereotypical idea of a small business has changed dramatically over time. Today, even the humblest startups benefit from a well-constructed financial structure, something attuned to the modern fast-paced, interconnected economy. A digital bank account can provide an excellent first step in that direction.

Think of the Main Street USA version of a startup, something you’d find several decades ago. A small shop might have relatively simple finances. The owners could get by with an account at the local savings and loan and an empty mayonnaise jar under the bed for emergency funds.

Things are different in the 21st century…

Welcome to Bryllyant. Let us tell you why we’re here.

It’s not about us. It never has been.

The decision to build the Bryllyant banking experience has always been about you: the founders, the small business owners, the I-work-long-hours-because-this-is-what-I-love freelancers.


Because that’s who we are. Our team is made up of entrepreneurs who have been where you’ve been. We have experienced the ups and downs of starting a business and the joys and pains and everything in between. You don’t get to where we are without scraping your knees a little bit. …

What is test case management, its best practices, and how can it help your startup deliver quality software products while staying on time and on budget?

Your small startup development team is excited to be wrapping up a coding sprint and is readying for the important next step, testing. This important process is not just a should-do step, but a must-do that provides developers opportunities to fix defects, focus on usability, and ensure that the software meets specified requirements.

The Role Of Quality Assurance In Software Testing

Quality Assurance (QA) is a systematic process to ensure that a product or service meets specified requirements. QA testing for software…


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