Key performance indicators, or KPIs, help small business owners set and achieve financial, operational, and sales goals.

Rewards programs build customer loyalty. But they come with risks. Overcome the challenges with good data tracking and cash flow habits.

Learn to build a lead scoring system that aligns your marketing and sales efforts, drives growth, and improves the ROI of your sales spending.

Employees are embracing the work-at-home lifestyle. But do you know the best compensation package for this new economic reality?

Learn how to prevent data breaches, set user roles, and move beyond passwords to protect your business and keep your digital assets safe.

Apple has changed its email privacy features. Learn how these updates impact your email marketing campaigns’ open rates and data tracking.

Learn about the roles of a technical co-founder and CTO, and determine whether your startup or small business needs one.

Keep your startup organized. Create a solid foundation by building an org chart and maintaining it as your business grows.

Startups struggle with scalability, networking, and understanding the various funding options and stages. Learn to overcome these obstacles.

Take the steps to protect your intellectual property. Here, you’ll learn about intangible assets, like copyrights, trademarks, and patents.


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