What is a sales funnel and how can it help your small business? Find out how to increase sales leads and improve conversions.

The best product, the best team, the best intentions — these are all important to your small business success. What’s also important is connecting with potential customers. That’s where a sales funnel comes into play.

Sales funnels act as structures for turning general internet interest into definitive sales. Used correctly, they can supercharge growth at your startup.

By implementing a sales funnel, you’ll expand your reach on a global scale and connect with a wider customer base. …

Email marketing lets you connect with customers and expand your client base, providing an affordable, effective way to build your business.

Making connections is hard. That fact is as true in the business world as it is in personal relationships. Once you’ve made that first contact, you need to find ways to deepen bonds and nurture a long-term attachment.

In the business context, email marketing provides an excellent solution. You’ll get a great method for building and maintaining relationships with your customers. (Sorry…for your personal life, you’re on your own.)

Email marketing lets you deliver a message that resonates with your specific audience. As such, it provides a great technique for every type of communication. …

Consumers expect digital-first, proactive support from small businesses. Here are five tips to help you achieve that goal.

Expectations for customer service have changed. No matter the size of the business, today’s consumers want digital-first, proactive support. It’s key to staying competitive and generating long-term sales momentum.

So how do you, as a small business owner with limited resources, deliver an impeccable experience every time? We’ll outline five tips that will help your company provide excellent customer service.

What do modern consumers expect from small businesses in terms of customer service?

A study conducted by American Express showed that about one out of five customers (19%) felt that customer service missed expectations. The good news? That’s an improvement…

New content coming! We’re expanding our blog to go beyond finance and better support you in every area of running your business.

It was only a couple of months ago. We launched our campaign to create a better business banking experience. A banking platform developed to make managing your cash, your books, and your spend simple and seamless. A banking platform with data, AI, and beautifully designed UI at its core. A digital banking experience built for you.

Because it has never been about us.

And now we thought we would check in. We said we would!

To this point, on this blog and on our social media channels, we have worked hard to deliver content that we believe can provide meaningful…

Do you know when to use ACH and when to use wire transfers? This article explains which payment type is right for which transactions.

In business, the little things matter. In fact, little things can sometimes turn out to be the biggest factors in your success. Take how you move money around. Making sure your funds circulate smoothly and efficiently will keep your small business operating at its highest level.

This dynamic adds weight to a very specific question: should you use ACH payments or wire transfers?

Setting an appropriate policy can make a tangible difference to your operations. As a small…

Tracking expenses is a key function of running a small business. Learn to manage your costs and get the most out of every dollar.

Why do most small businesses fail? The answer is probably simpler than you think: they run out of money. The story behind this might differ from company to company. But spending more than you earn over a long period of time will ultimately undermine your business.

That’s why tracking your expenses is such a crucial task.

We know. You didn’t found your startup to keep meticulous records of your expenses. You wanted a grand entrepreneurial adventure. And here we are telling you to write down the cost of every business lunch and every box of paper clips.

Still, as tedious…

Get control of your startup by mastering the essential financial statements: income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.

When you go into business, you might not think enough about…well, business. You consider your products and obsess over your customers. But many founders don’t go into their startups with the background they need in financial statements.

One study showed that 42% of startup founders began their business either to be their own boss or to pursue their passion. How many said they launched their company to scrutinize financial statements? Roughly zero percent.

This plays into a general trend. Many Americans lack the basics of financial literacy. …

Small business loans can accelerate expansion. However, they come with pros and cons. Find out if debt financing is right for your company.

As you get your small business off the ground, you have dozens of decisions to make. One of the most crucial of these decisions surrounds the question of financing. Should you get a loan to jumpstart your business?

It’s more than just a practical question. The decision can open up an existential debate about your new venture.

After all, startups are, in part, about achieving freedom. You want to rid yourself of the stifling attention of a boss. At the same time, you founded your business as a way of tramping your own distinctive path through the professional landscape.


Blockchain represents the future of finance. While this change can be scary, it opens up fresh opportunities for small business owners.

Few business trends have received more attention than blockchain. From Bitcoin’s recent roller coaster to the controversy surrounding Dogecoin, the technology underpinning cryptocurrency has become a constant topic in the financial press. But what does that mean for small business owners?

The ins and outs of blockchain and cryptocurrency might seem far removed from your day-to-day worries as a small business owner. That isn’t necessarily true. These platforms represent the future. As such, you need to understand what they mean for your startup.

But it isn’t just a matter of keeping up with the competition. Don’t think of blockchain as…

Positive cash flow is vital to your startup’s success. The following tips will help you manage your cash and become profitable over time.

Founding a small business requires a sudden crash course in accounting. Cash flow is one of the terms that becomes crucial as you ramp up your new startup. Understanding your business’s cash flow — and knowing how to improve it — quickly becomes instrumental to launching a successful venture.

However, gaining mastery of cash-flow management can present a challenge. Early in your new business, you likely won’t have an accounting department to support you. You might not even have access to a professional accountant. Just you, some accounting software, and an internet full of advice.

Still, an appreciation for the…


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