Welcome to Bryllyant. Let us tell you why we’re here.

It’s not about us. It never has been.

The decision to build the Bryllyant banking experience has always been about you: the founders, the small business owners, the I-work-long-hours-because-this-is-what-I-love freelancers.


Because that’s who we are. Our team is made up of entrepreneurs who have been where you’ve been. We have experienced the ups and downs of starting a business and the joys and pains and everything in between. You don’t get to where we are without scraping your knees a little bit. …

What is test case management, its best practices, and how can it help your startup deliver quality software products while staying on time and on budget?

Your small startup development team is excited to be wrapping up a coding sprint and is readying for the important next step, testing. This important process is not just a should-do step, but a must-do that provides developers opportunities to fix defects, focus on usability, and ensure that the software meets specified requirements.

The Role Of Quality Assurance In Software Testing

Quality Assurance (QA) is a systematic process to ensure that a product or service meets specified requirements. QA testing for software…

What is it, what is its role in an Agile framework, and how can it help your development team and processes?

In traditional development models, quality assurance testing happens quite late in the cycle. Software would be produced, sent over from the developers to the QA team, and after review, QA would then offer feedback and send the software back to development to fix any problems. However, in a truly Agile development environment, everyone works together to make iterative improvements to the product on an ongoing basis. But, in this Agile environment, what does QA mean, and what role do QA testers play?

The Quality Assurance Cycle

Quality Assurance methodology utilizes a four-step management method for the control and continuous improvement of processes called PDCA

Ensure your startup’s tech is developed with truly nimble, iterative, and efficient processes by avoiding these Fake Agile pitfalls.

In a rapidly changing technological landscape, only the startups that can innovate, adapt quickly to change, and respond to their users’ ever-evolving demands will survive and thrive. One of the key ways your team can streamline your development processes and scale your business is to become Agile.

Agile has become one of the most often used buzzwords in the tech corporate vocabulary as companies want to be seen as savvy, competitive, and at the forefront of an ever-evolving business environment. However, many organizations miss the real meaning and value of Agile and self-identify as having agile processes merely for marketing…

Find out more about what the latest trends in AI, cybersecurity, the IoT, and more will mean for your startup and your customers in 2021.

While each new year brings a fresh perspective, as we move into 2021 we are realizing that how we look at things has fundamentally changed. In less than ten months, work, education, retail, communication, hospitality, entertainment, and healthcare delivery have been upended. We also saw an extraordinary acceleration in the adoption of technology. Participants in a McKinsey Global Survey shared how the pandemic expedited the digitization of their customer/supply-chain interactions and internal operations by three to four years and the share of digital products in their portfolios by a shocking seven years. There are some organizations, however, that, almost a…

Learn the importance of design thinking and how it can help you create beautifully designed APIs that provide meticulous user experience.

Monolithic software that was downloaded onto disconnected systems was once how almost all applications worked. This resulted in a lack of connectivity, communication, and often a duplication of efforts. Today, however, standalone systems are a thing of the past and have given way to connected, distributed systems that share data both up and downstream. But how has this become possible? As outlined in a TechTarget article, it is primarily through the growth of the API Economy and the integration of “complex software components down into smaller, containerized components called microservices.” The article continues to explain, “the use of microservices make…

Learn how your startup can leverage APIs to unlock the power of data, provide better UX, and save time and money on your next tech project.

You have undoubtedly heard about the API Economy — but what is it, and how will it impact your startup? Well, first, let’s understand what is meant by the API economy. TechTarget shares that the concept refers to the set of business models and practices designed around the use of APIs in today’s digital economy. It involves the exposure of an organization’s digital services and assets through application programming interfaces (APIs) in a controlled…

Find out how a global pandemic and work from home is shaping the future of the PeTech market, and what that growth can mean for your startup.

There are few things more personal than the relationship between humans and their pets. While people have lived and worked with domesticated animals for over 10,000 years, the symbiotic relationship was often task-related. However, that has changed significantly over the past 100 years. Petfoodindustry.com shared that according to Harris Poll, in the US, 95% of pet owners consider their furry companions to be part of the family — this is up 7 points from 2007. So how is our society integrating our fuzzy family members more fully into the fold? …

Learn What They Are, And How To Know Which Is Right For Your Startup’s Next Project

Your startup team has its idea ready to go, you have settled on the right tech partner; it’s time to talk contracts. How do you know before you have even begun development what pricing model is best for your project? You know that you do not want any surprises or overruns or need to renegotiate a contract later as your runway is tight. This is why understanding your options upfront is so critical.

Pricing Model Options

There are two primary types of development contracts: fixed price and time and material agreements. We will discuss the differences between the pricing models, the advantages and…

Find out more about what employees really want, and how to build — and keep — a cohesive company culture across a distributed team.

When you say the word “startup,” you often think of a small team, working in a small space, grinding late into the night, surviving on caffeine and takeout.

As a founder, how do you maintain collaborative processes, ensure productivity, and preserve your organizational culture when a geographically dispersed team is established by choice or when moved to by current conditions?

While work-from-home (WFH), remote-first, and fully distributed teams were not a new concept in the tech sector, researcher and author Stephen Phillips outlined in a Sage Journal publication how the 2020 pandemic accelerated acceptance of remote work across sectors and…


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